about us


LA Steels LTD have a very satisfied group of dedicated customers who come back to us for more work or refer us to their circle of family and friends. With our wealth of experience, we carry out all aspects of welding, light and general fabrication. The diverse range of products, are of exacting measurements, appropriate for both commercial and domestic purposes. Our artistic and decorative designs can vastly improve the outlook, aesthetic value, appearance and security of any premises. Our product range includes quality fixture and fittings making them perfect for your needs and long lasting.

What makes us special?

LA Steels LTD hold a large portfolio of work conducted not only for domestic and commercial purposes but also in conjunction with academics in the field of Mechanical Engineering. An example of this can be found in the‘Guinness Book of Records’ with the us holding the record for the biggest pancake, manufactured and cooked in Rochdale, England. It was 49.2 Feet in diameter and weighed three tons. This was carried out in collaboration with the University of Manchester’s Mechanical Engineering Department. We have also carried out work for overseas organisations in the Middle East and South Asia to provide engineering solutions.

LA Steels LTD’s current portfolio of customers, include property developers, housing associations, large retail warehouses and estate agents. Both of our residential and commercial customers find our range very versatile and LA Steels LTD is an answer to their needs.

LA Steels LTD carries out consultancy work on behalf of overseas companies. We have a portfolio of companies we advise and guide including manufacturing and construction industries. We also facilitate importing and exporting for our partners.

  • Custom based quality wrought iron products
  • Every client will receive expert advice, personal attention & friendly service
  • Cost effective and value for money
  • High quality and standard products
  • Products will blend in with surrounding environment
  • Strengthen your premises’ elegance, appeal & security
  • Products will be practical and attractive
  • Wider choice of design variation, materials and finishes
  • Professional installation
  • Light & general fabrication work
  • Will increase the value of your property
  • Extensive warranty
  • Cultivate a family atmosphere
  • Free estimates